About Peter Otte

Need a professional brochure that is visually appealing? Are you losing business because your marketing collateral lacks continuity? Do you need help articulating your company’s strengths? Do you need a writing partner who can deliver crisp, clear prose? We can deliver all this and more in half the time.

Marketing collateral assists in the sales process; to be truly effective, you need a marketing partner who can organize the foundation. You need a strong and clear identity. Next, marketing collateral works best when it echoes a theme or campaign. Consider whether you need custom photography of your products and portrait photographs of your team. And don’t leave the copy, or written text, to the last minute. If you don’t have time to write the copy yourself, hire a professional familiar with your business enterprise.

When a client requests help with a brochure, they tend to think first of a tri-fold or possibly gate-fold brochure. Circumstantial evidence suggests that commercial offset printers produce tri-folds in large batches, supported by the low rates found on the world wide web. If you want a low-cost option, the tri-fold or flyer may be the way to go.

But does that mean it’s the right solution in every instance? Well, think of your business and then think of your customer. Tri-folds are convenient because they slip in a standard size 10 business envelope. But what if your customer has a stack of tri-folds from other companies? You may not stand out especially if they tuck it away in the filing drawer.

Here’s how a brochure can aid in a sales presentation. Pictures, diagrams, charts and photography help illustrate for your client how your product or service meets their needs. The design team should comprehend, interpret, and present your competitive advantage, the quality or attribute that helps you stand out. If you sell your product into a retail channel, consider the options the retailer will allow and see if a promotional poster or counter card might make sense.

Brochures must be well written using concise and descriptive language. And in the act of writing, the form usually emerges. What began as a tri-fold might now make more sense as a Z-fold. The map-fold is just as its name implies: it looks like a thick quad-fold brochure but folds out into a poster format. A saddle-stitched brochure like the ones we produced for Figco and MP Construction produce a stunning impact. At POP, we have tried to incorporate class and elegance with our brochures and catalogs using graphic design and layout, paper selection, and various printing techniques.

We work with a number of good photographers. Most companies consider using stock photography before hiring a photographer. This is a legitimate approach, only you may find it hard to select the right image out of a sea of thousands. Excellent photography of your product can be used again and again. Maybe you should take the plunge and get a professional photograph taken of you and your team. Dust off that suit and forget about the extra holiday pounds or the few extra gray hairs. People want to see the name matched to a face more often than they like to admit.

If your company releases new products on a regular basis, look for consistency in your presentation. Effective branding requires a coordinated look. Through that you can build the recognition you deserve.