About Peter Otte

POP was founded in January, 2000. We had just survived the aftermath of Y2K. The dead heat Presidential election had just been resolved. The utter and spectacular disintegration of the dot com era was nearly upon us. It seemed like an exquisite time to launch a business.

The company began in Pasadena, California but moved north to Santa Barbara in 2007. We came for the air.

We started as a design firm with roots in videogame packaging and marketing. But things changed. Someone asked if we could build their web site to which Peter naively said, Sure! I suppose he seems square in a preppy nerd way -- come on, not like Sheldon -- and not like some tatooed mohawkian emaciated designer with perforated earlobes. So, nerd.

Then someone asked, hey, could you do my SEO? And Peter naively said, Sure! Then word got around. Kind of like those seagulls in Finding Nemo, the ones that keep saying, My My My. Fine.

And then a local nonprofit asked if I could help sort out their web site because their developer was hard to reach and somewhat socially challenged. And so we naively said ... well, anyway. We found this Canadian company called Wild Apricot around 2010 and they really saved our collective butt because Wordpress for membership management? Not so good. 

So when people ask, what do you do for a living, the answer is, "I'm a musically inclined web developer and editor with deep design roots who specializes in SEO for DUI attorneys and a few doctors along with web solutions for non-profits utilizing the Wild Apricot platform and the occasional design project for an outlandish group of misfits known as the Google Rugby Football Club."

Nod. Hm-hmm. Okay, how about this: Web Developer Designer - SEO - Wild Apricot Customization. Or, "Computer Guy!"

Peter gained his professional training in design and advertising from Eric Ayzenberg of the Ayzenberg Group and in publishing with Bill Curtis of Curtco Publishing (publishers of Robb Report). Before that he worked for Martin Ransohoff (Filmways). Before POP he was an editor of Portable Computing and Mobile Office and he's written some game strategy guides and what many consider the bible of the Internet, The Information Superhighway: Beyond the Internet. The movie rights are still available, by the way.

On the development side, the team consists of Qamar, Naveen, Rehman, and Miroslav. Valerie and Ali help with writing assignments. Who am I forgetting? When the muse fails me there's always Rares and Manuela. I'm really humbled by their talent and patience.