Peter Otte

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask what we do. Here are some answers as of January 23, 2023.

What are your fees?

Contact us with the details of your project. We may ask some questions to flesh out the details. We will then send you an estimate based on our hourly rate for the type of work requested. Project fees in excess of $500 may require a 50% deposit up front.

Will you work with individuals or firms outside your immediate area?

We are based in Santa Barbara, California but we have longstanding relationships with SEO, design, and Wild Apricot clients all over the United States. Ironically, a low percentage of our clients are actually based in Santa Barbara, although the majority are in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area.

What are your actual services?

We focus on the following areas: 1) local search optimization; 2) Wild Apricot customization; 3) WordPress and PHP development services; and 4) web hosting. Our design services complement each core service, such as web graphics and logo development.

Do you have experience in my industry?

We have deep experience working with attorneys and non-profits. We also have a few entertainment clients and a smattering of architecture, construction, and other professional services. It's probably best to ask, but generally we've accumulated a lot of experience since our founding in 2000.

I have a clear idea of what I need. Will you just provide a quote?

Absolutely. Send us your requirement and start the conversation, or vice versa. :)

We need help updating our web site. Our web site, however, was designed by somebody else. Can you still help us?

Absolutely. Just call us or send us the details. We may need to examine the site to assess the work involved but usually it's very straightforward.

Can you provide fast turnaround?

Yes. If it's a super rush, we will add a rush premium.

We would like to keep in touch and see future examples of your work.

I used to send a quarterly newsletter via email. I plan to resume this year. If you would like to be added, just fill out our contact form.

Is that a recent photo?

No, I think it's from 2006. I need to update it.