About Peter Otte

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

People often ask what we do. The simple answer is: whatever our clients ask us to do. It’s our job, in other words, to get creative.

What are your fees?

We do custom design. Our pricing is not public because every project has distinct requirements. We take your budget into consideration and scale accordingly.

Will you work with individuals or firms outside your immediate area?

Absolutely. We use email and other tools like GoToMeeting for online presentations and conferencing. While most of our clients are in the Western United States, we have a growing presence in the MidWest and the East Coast.

What are your actual services?

We provide web design, logo design, advertising, collateral and packaging. We also provide search-engine optimization.

Do you also provide game development services?

Yes we do. We use a tool called Unity Pro 4 and have experience using it to develop for PC, Mac, and iOS.

Do you have experience in my industry?

If you look at our client list, you’ll find: a publicly traded community bank, a securities firm, a housewares company, a publicly traded videogame publisher, law firms, durable medical equipment, a beer distributor, government, composites manufacturing, medical practice, hip hop entertainment and dance, transportation, auto repair, hair salon, agricultural products, surveillance equipment, limo manufacturing, and commercial real estate.

I have a clear idea of what I need. Will you just provide a quote?

Absolutely. Send us your RFP (request for proposal) and if anything is unclear we will contact you. If you would like a general price list, we can furnish that to you.

We need help updating our web site. Our web site, however, was designed by somebody else. Can you still help us?

Absolutely. Just call us or send us the details. We may need to examine the site to assess the work involved but usually it’s very straightforward.

We need help updating our brochures but we can’t find our logo or the original files. What should we do?

Send us what you have and we will figure out the most efficient and cost effective way to proceed.

Can you provide fast turnaround?


We would like to keep in touch and see future examples of your work.

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