Contact Form for Wild Apricot

POP has been a Wild Apricot partner since the program began. We’ve gotten a lot of inquiries over the years, and we still love the platform and the work that we’ve done. We believe the platform can help make many associations run more efficiently.

But for all the improvements over the years, Wild Apricot still doesn’t offer a contact form gadget.

They do have a workaround that works. We’ve implemented their solution before using the same custom design elements as the rest of the site. But look at that URL! Is this a legit contact page, or a bad digital neighborhood? Of course it’s safe, but it may not appear that way to everyone.

Embeddable online forms like JotForm or Google Forms are great options. Embedding a form is a simple procedure; set up the form, copy the embed code and paste it into an HTML gadget . Of the two, I prefer JotForm. I like the free version except a lot of the better features require a monthly payment. Google is totally free, but remember, Google tracks your data.

We discussed how we could make a better solution for Wild Apricot users, and so we developed a form solution aptly named POP Forms. Here are some examples:

With our own code, we could:

1. Support a drag-and-drop form creator for individual member accounts.

2. Send emails to different committee members depending on the subject selector.

3. Store contact data in your member account and export it to CSV or Excel.

4. Use a registered Google reCAPTCHA to deter spam.

5. Customize the form according to your design specifications*.

6. Option to save contact data into your Wild Apricot database.

Option 6 distinguishes us from the other form offerings. Log in to your POP Forms control panel, view recent contacts, and then select those you want to save to your Wild Apricot database for future follow ups and send the rest to the dustbin.

Pricing is free for new and existing clients. If you’re not a client but you’re interested in using our solution anyway, we can get you set up for a reasonable one-time fee. Just contact us and we’ll get you set up.

*A fee may be charged depending on the extent of the changes.