POP SEO Tip #17: 4 Common Mistakes You Make With Your Mobile Website

Everyone keeps saying it, but are you truly listening? Mobile is the future. The rate of growth in mobile users, and, in turn, their use of the Internet, is absolutely staggering. And, it only seems to accelerate month to month. That’s why it’s so important that your mobile website be in tip-top shape. If it’s not, you could lose customers or damage your page rank.

Here are four mistakes that you could be making right now.

  1. Having Unviewable Content: Everyone with an Apple mobile device knows that Flash is inaccessible. However, that hasn’t stopped people from populating mobile websites that use Flash elements. Make sure your embedded content is universal – HTML5, anyone?
  2. Blocking the User: If you’re trying to promote a mobile application or even an offer, you might be using an interstitial that blocks your page entirely. Don’t do this! It ruins the user’s experience. Instead, use banner ads or other means to promote your app.
  3. Faulty Redirects: In your own mobile experience, you’ve probably come across this one. You enter a URL for a specific page only to be redirected to the mobile home page. These can be tricky to fix, but Google’s Webmaster tools are a great starting point.
  4. Slow Loading: The whole mobile experience is driven by the ethic of getting things immediately. Therefore, a slow loading time for your mobile website can be a real drain on your traffic. Always optimize, otherwise mobile users will leave your website before it finishes loading.

Having a website that works correctly on all mobile devices (and on all the browsers those mobile devices use) is certainly no easy matter. However, the success of your website depends upon your ability to rise to the occasion, so be sure to give your mobile website the attention that it deserves.