The Many Advantages of Choosing Wordpress

If you have written Wordpress off as just a site for the casual blogger, it is time to take a closer look. We have been creating websites for many clients, throughout all industries, using Wordpress because of its versatility, customizability, and flexibility. Yes, Wordpress is a blogging platform, but it can also offer much more for your business website.

Wordpress is a free open source platform. Once your site has been customized and created for your business, you can quickly begin adding and modifying your content. It is very simple and easy to add additional pages to the site. You can add as many pages as you need, creating a fantastic Content Management System for your business.

By using Wordpress for your website, you get the best of both worlds when it comes to originality. You can use the expertise of web developers to create a completely original and customized site, tailored to your business’ needs. However, you also have the advantage of using a platform that is used extremely commonly, and therefore is very widely supported. Using Wordpress, you can easily broadcast your website to international audiences.

Once your Wordpress site is up and running, which with the help of design professionals should take hardly any time at all, you can then very easily add or customize your data from the dashboard. You do not need to be a programmer to understand how to post new information to the site, or modify existing content. Wordpress also has over 8,000 plug-ins, which can be downloaded and activated instantly from the dashboard.

Wordpress is also one of the best web platforms to use for your business if you want to improve your SEO rankings. Search engines tend to place a priority upon new and relevant web content when ranking results. As you post new content to your Wordpress site, you can watch as your SEO rankings climb organically thanks to the built in SEO features.

If you are unsure about using Wordpress for your site because the installation and set up seems too complicated, do not hesitate to seek the aid of professionals. While Wordpress may not be the right choice in every situation, you will find that in most cases it's an affordable option. The process can be completed very quickly, efficiently, and with wonderful results. In the end, you will be left with a fantastic site that is easy for anyone within your company to manage and maintain. Check with us to find out if a Wordpress site makes sense for your company.

Note: This is an update to an article originally entitled "Are Open Source Content Management Systems Worth It?" posted on September, 2009.