Experts Wanted: Driving Traffic by Building a Content Rich Site

You may have heard in the past about Google implementing the Penguin update or the Panda update, which sounds adorable, but could actually be disastrous for your search rankings if your website does not have compelling and timely content. When search engines implement updates, these updates often refer to their algorithms that determine where your website will appear in the rankings when particular keywords and phrases are used. While the exact algorithms remain a secret, it is clear that the search engines are beginning to favor content rich sites.

The search engine optimization (SEO) techniques of the past are beginning to have less of an impact. Whereas in the past, strategies such as flooding your content with a particular keyword used to help build your rankings, now it is much more important to fill your site with abundant fresh and unique content. Originality counts whereas plagiarism will penalize your site’s rankings. Search engines aren’t perfect yet, but they are moving closer to the ideal of matching those who seek information with the experts who can deliver it. To some extent, every business with a successful web site will need to think about content strategy as part of their sales and marketing strategy. Less is still more, be focused and concise. Odds are you could probably do more than you are currently with a little more imagination.

Search engines make these changes to their algorithms in order to increase the quality of results found by their users. They want users to be able to easily locate pages that contain original and new content that pertains to their search. In order for your website to top the search rankings, you must become the authority on your particular subject.

This means building a content rich site. Design Notes embodies our views and expertise in the field of design and aligns well with Google’s renewed focus on creating a rich experience for all. Soon, we will add video content to round out the experience. POP can collaborate with your business in order to create a similar tool. We help individuals and businesses take blogging to the next level and create truly useful resources of information.

This strategy can be applied to any industry as well. Our marketing professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to create a content strategy that is tailored to your business and its products and services. For example, if you work in the banking industry, our experts can help you design a blogging solution that covers personal finance. If you have a website representing a doctor or a clinic, we can develop a content plan about healthcare related information.

Supposing you have an ecommerce site with a 100+ products for sale. How do you get Google to notice you, especially when there are so many other sites that have been around longer and sell the same type of merchandise? Well, why not create a buyers’ guide. A buyers’ guide educates first, then helps a consumer make a more informed decision. Long ago I used to edit buyers’ guides for PC laptops where we would go into some depth about the meaning of the different specifications. Unless your merchandise is truly one of a kind and has been recently featured on the morning talk show circuit, buyers’ guides will help your site look fresh and useful and will help your branding and positioning.

When you regularly publish quality content to your site, this can have a major long-term effect on your website’s search rankings. The major search engines are likely to view your website as a source of relevant and fresh information regarding your area of expertise. More importantly, when customers visit your site, they will appreciate the fact that you make an effort to share valuable knowledge. They will often repay you for this free material with their ongoing business.

Don’t have time to do all this yourself? Contact POP today if you are ready to develop a content rich site that will demonstrate to your customers that you are a trusted authority in your field.