POP SEO Tip #20: Creating a Great Call to Action

Since it’s usually the last piece of writing you’ll add to a bit of content, sometimes the call to action gets short shrift. Sometimes it even gets skipped altogether! Instead, try to come up with a call to action first. Think about your customers and what they want. The call to action may not be the most important thing you have to sell, but it may push someone on the fence to make a purchase.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your content, you’ve got to craft calls to action that get results. What are some that you can begin using today? Let’s take a look at two great ones.

  • Give It Away, Now: While you may be trying to sell something most of the time, you should remember the power of giving your audience freebies. For example, you can offer a companion piece for download that expands or distills the content. Your call to action, then, would be to encourage your users to download, and when they do, you can request an email address, growing your mailing list.
  • Encourage Feedback: Including a call to action that inspires your readers to share their own thoughts and opinions is highly effective. It becomes even more effective if you reciprocate the reader engagement, either by responding in the comments yourself, or by including reader responses as part of another piece of content.

Of course, depending upon what you’re trying to accomplish, you may not want to use these calls to action. However, these are particularly great to use periodically, as they can contribute greatly to growing your readership.


Finally, in order for your call to action to be effective, you need to remember one thing: You’ve got to keep it simple! Often, those who are writing content will either bury their call to action, or they’ll write one that’s needlessly long and confusing. Simply ask yourself what exactly it is that you want your reader to do, and then ask them to do that in clear, concise language.




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