POP SEO Tip #10: How to Make an Effective Facebook Ad

Advertising through Facebook is becoming an increasingly important part of every business’s online strategy. Not only can advertising through Facebook help to sell more of your products and services, but it can also help to raise your business’s profile, boosting its relevance on popular search engines.

If you’ve been considering adding Facebook advertising to your overall marketing plan, then check out this simple guide to creating an effective Facebook advertisement.

Choose the Right Image

Facebook is overwhelmingly a visual platform, so make sure you choose the right image. Most marketing experts agree that pictures of people perform best, as do pictures of children and animals. Whatever image you choose, though, make sure that it stands out well against Facebook’s blue and white color scheme.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the image you want to use. In addition to being aesthetically appealing against Facebook’s colors, you also want to make sure it shows off your brand and what you do. Choose something that fits with your other marketing for the best results.

In addition, make sure the image is in good shape. If it’s hard to understand or overly pixelated, that can be an issue. People may take that to mean that your brand isn’t reputable. Go with something quality that people enjoy looking at, but be sure it makes sense to use based on your brand.

Make a Compelling Title

If you use Facebook, then you know how fast you scroll through your newsfeed. If you want your ads to get clicks, then you’re going to need titles that have a clear call to action. Ideally, your ad should make sense to a reader even if they don’t look at the body text.

People go through Facebook fast and may only see your ad for a split second. Your title has to be enough that it causes them to slow down. If you can do that, they might spare a click and end up becoming a customer.

Consider Whether to Brand or Not to Brand

You don’t have a lot of space with a Facebook ad title, so carefully consider whether or not you want it to include your brand name. If you think people will recognize it, then it might make sense. Otherwise, your limited space is probably better spent with a well-wrought CTA.

It really comes down to what will work best for your brand. Short name? Might be easier to add branding and make sure people know who you are. But it isn’t always a requirement. This is especially true if you have more important information to include. Remember that space is limited and you need to make the most of it.

Choose Your Audience Wisely

Since Facebook allows you to narrowly target your ads at specific demographics, be sure that you’ve taken the time to carefully consider your ideal customer. Facebook ad campaigns often hinge on this crucial step. Who is the person that would be most likely to buy what you are offering? Think it through. Take notes. Consider it.

Every part of your campaign should be tailored to this person and what they like. Everything from location and age to the device used to access the social media platform may impact the ads you put out. Be sure you’ve done this step before creating new ads.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you should have the basics down for running an effective Facebook advertisement. As always, make sure you keep a careful eye on the metrics, as these will tell you how you should adjust your Facebook advertising strategies for the future. Now get in there and make sure your Facebook ads look great and are tailored to your potential customer base.