POP SEO Tip #16: Mythbusters: The 6 Biggest SEO Myths Part 2

How did you feel about the last three myths that we explored? Were they ones that you’ve fallen victim to, or are they ones you know some of your colleagues believe? We’re in the business of busting myths here, so let’s take a look at the final three.

  1. No One’s Reading This Anyway: This one follows on the heels of #3. Because people believe that quantity is what’s important, they’ll tend to fill up websites with pages and pages of essentially useless content, just because they include the keywords they’re targeting. This is a tremendous mistake. This kind of content will ultimately hurt your website’s SEO strategy, not help it. The search engines can read well enough to see what you’re doing, and your customers can read well enough as well.
  2. You Shouldn’t Guest Blog: Because of the way the game has changed, guest blogging has become a passé activity. This shouldn’t be the case. Certainly, you can’t employ the same methods as before – namely using a guest blog as an opportunity to link to your own website with your keywords. However, guest blogging still has an important role to play. Engaging in this activity raises your profile in the community, and the ‘authority’ you receive can have beneficial effects.
  3. SEO Is a One-Time Thing: Search engine optimization is never over. It’s really as simple as that. There are so many businesses that optimize their site once and then rest on their laurels. Just as the market is always evolving, so too is the SEO landscape – in no small part because the people that do the searching have shifting interests. With SEO, you’ve got to put the pedal to the floor and keep it there. There’s no other way.

So, those are the six biggest SEO myths as I see them! What’re yours?