POP SEO Tip #25: What Business Owners Should Know in 2015

Businesses hoping to build a successful online presence should definitely understand SEO best practices, but given that they change from year to year, just keeping up with the times can be difficult. That’s compounded by the fact that you’re not an SEO expert – you have a business to run. Here are three key changes to SEO that will affect your success in 2015.

Vertical Search

Vertical search pulls in a wide range of search results for specific terms, including local results, images, news and video results. The days when Google served up a page with nothing but 10 links to top-ranked pages are long gone. Make sure you’re capitalizing on this trend.


HTTPS indicates a secured website, and Google has made no bones about the fact that it gives secured sites higher rankings in search results. If your site isn’t secured, it’s worth considering for the enhanced visibility.

Direct Answers

Many consumers search the web using a question. For instance, “What are the symptoms of diabetes?” Google often serves up results that provide answers to those questions, and you can gain immense visibility for your business if you’re able to get your content scraped in this manner. Pay attention to the questions your customers ask, and then answer those questions within your site’s content. Being selected as a direct answer website might not seem like that big a deal, but consider the fact that your site will be at the very top of the page, and that you’ll be receiving direct, targeted traffic.

These are just a few of the ways that SEO has changed so far in 2015. There are more changes coming down the road, so stay tuned and keep your business ranked as high as possible.