POP SEO Tip #15: The 6 Biggest SEO Myths Part 1

Search engine optimization happens to be a topic where there are a lot of opinions drowning out the facts. Because of this, there are a number of myths that have cropped up in the SEO community. Some of them are old; some of them are new. But, they’re all myths, and now seems like a good time to dispel a few of them for you.

  1. SEO Is Baloney: Make no mistake, the SEO game has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. The search algorithms and methods have changed significantly, and this has led some people to write off SEO entirely. That’s a mistake. While the rules of the game have certainly shifted, the game is still being played whether you’re on the field or not.
  2. Social Media Doesn’t Matter: You’ve probably read that Google doesn’t take into account social indicators like “likes” and “retweets” when it’s calculating a website’s relevance. That’s true. Those things in and of themselves are not going to drive your SEO strategy. However, that social engagement is extremely important, as it leads to a number of other things that do help your SEO strategy. Don’t neglect social media!
  3. Quantity Is Better Than Quality: Whether we’re talking about links, content or something else, there’s a tendency in the community to believe that more is better. That’s not the case. Quality is what’s most important. The external links that point to your site should only come from reputable sources. If you’re talking content, you need something that engages readers and inspires shares. Quantity can't accomplish these things; only quality content can.

These are the first three SEO myths that I want you to think about. Next week, I'll take up the final three.