Using iPrint and Cloud Print

Back when I edited Portable Computing magazine, I met often with representatives from the different tech companies to discuss new products. There was one memorable encounter with  HP. This was around 1993 and there was a lot of interest at the time in the so-called paperless office: if everything was electronic, couldn't we cut down on printing?  So I asked him what he thought.

"The paperless office is about practical as the paperless toilet," he replied.

Despite all the advances in tablet displays (and toilets), there are times when it makes sense to push the print button. If you have a professionally designed website, with excellent content and graphics, you may want to print a page or two and use them as flyers in your local area. You may also want to print websites that contain information that would be useful to you or your employees around the office. For some, reading longer articles causes eyestrain, even on high-resolution displays (Gee, maybe it's time to schedule a visit to the optometrist). Here are a few useful  techniques for printing webpages.

The Benefits of Enabling and Configuring iPrint

iPrint is a very useful piece of software that was developed by Novell. This technology, when enabled, allows you, and anyone else on your network, to remotely access printers using an Internet connection. Having iPrint enabled is especially important if you are printing webpages. When this software is enabled, and you need to print a 640X320 webpage, you do not have to worry about configuring a different page layout. Without making any changes, iPrint will produce the printed image that you need.

Using Cloud Print to Print Web Pages from Any Device

Let’s say you have received a link to a website on your phone or tablet, and you would like to print this page in order to make the content more legible. Thanks to Cloud Print, you can use cloud technology to connect any of your devices to your home and/or work computers. All of the major smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers have applications available that allow you to use Cloud Print in order to print webpages using your preferred printers.

Of course, all types of cloud technologies can be useful for saving and/or printing webpages. Services such as iCloud or Google Drive are excellent tools to use if you would like to save a page to the cloud, and mark it to be printed. This is especially useful if you would like all of your employees to view the page, and possibly print it out from their office computers.

Getting Printing Support

Using printers has long been the source of many office headaches. If you are constantly struggling to get your pages to print correctly, do not hesitate to ask IT professionals for help. With a better understanding of the processes, you can avoid printing troubles in the future.