Low Budget Video

Adding video to your site can enhance the experience your clients have when they visit your site and engage your visitors with something memorable. Video can create a lasting impression for your company with the ability to boost your site's profile in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results, not to mention social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. How? It's really quite simple. If people like your video, they'll send their friends or colleagues a link. If it's really popular, you may easily find hundreds if not thousands of people coming to your site to see what all the fuss is about. At POP, we realized the promise of video and expanded our capabilities to provide video production services at an accessible and affordable rate; as low as $1500 to get you started. For whatever budget you have we will give you the same professional direction and expertise. The craft of professional video is not simple or straightforward. Many find that it helps to have a sympathetic outsider who can help communicate your products and services in a compelling way. Your basic video will include all of the following, as provided by the budget: • Scripting, Shot List, Storyboards • Casting Actors and Voiceover, Rehearsing, Media Training for interview subjects, Location Scouting • Cameras, Sound, and Lighting Equipment, Crew, Directing • Final Cut Pro Editing, Soundtrack Sweetening • Final Output for embedding into your site or DVD Those are the basic things that go into the production of a video. The only difference is that when you have an ample budget, you have the luxury of shooting with HD cameras, greater set design, out-of-this world special effects, and whatever else suits the project. Not all of those features are always necessary to produce a well-made video. What matters most is the script, and we can easily script something that is within your budget range and will market your company without adding all the unnecessary glam. If you'd like to learn more about our thoughts regarding video marketing techniques, please click here.

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