The Project Style Guide

Professional academic writers often use style guides. These guides help the writer ensure that every paragraph and every page follows the same rules for formatting and for citing information. Followin[...]

Profile Series: the Legendary Coco Chanel

This is yet another entry into the POP profile series. While this edition does highlight a famous icon, the individuals profiled will not always be well known. The primary purpose of this series is to[...]

Using iPrint and Cloud Print

Back when I edited Portable Computing magazine, I met often with representatives from the different tech companies to discuss new products. There was one memorable encounter with  HP. This was ar[...]

Working with Wild Apricot

The Santa Barbara County Psychological Association (SBCPA – is a client of mine in Santa Barbara. They were having problems with their previous developer and they hired me to, among o[...]

Santa Barbara Artist Directory

The Santa Barbara Artist Directory has officially launched: This is a new searchable online directory that is open to all artists who reside in Santa B[...]